Retail Partner Success Lead (B2B)

Ensure all contact with Faction and our other brands exceeds our trade Partners’ expectations.

Your primary role is to proactively manage our customer relationships and aim to exceed their expectation.  You will be responsible for all Partner Success outside of North America, although there will be significant crossover between all regions due to the small dynamic team here at Faction.  You will be working closely with both the Sales and Marketing teams.

You will be supporting our European sales team by creating and populating a sales pipeline for in-season orders, alongside the regional reps.  Supporting these reps, and following up with all European stores to ensure we are maximising sales, and resolving any issues they may have. You will ensure your accounts’ orders are correctly entered into our system, and inform our partners of any changes to our production and delivery schedule.

You will also ensure all sales support communication goes through you for stores in Europe and that this communication is at the highest standard.  This includes creating and proofing B2B newsletters and keeping the communications on our B2B site up to date, with support from our Trade Marketing lead.  You will also be tracking this data so we know what is and is not working.

You should also identify the best channels for B2B communications, ensure that these are set up and running correctly and that there are processes for all B2B interactions (phone, email, live chat etc).  You will also make sure all documentation is written, and also train any future team members in these processes.

To ensure all our Partner and B2B demos are run effectively, and meet our partners’ needs you will work alongside our Demo Events Organiser.

Finally, from your frequent conversations with our Partner stores you will make suggestions on how to improve their experience and to help them sell more.  You will then test these by working with a core group of ‘key’ stores, then roll them out to the rest of our stores if successful.


  • Fluent in French and English (German would be a plus)
  • 1+ years of outdoor sports industry experience
  • Comfortable using new technologies & software with little training
  • To use all our product at the start of the season so you can help inform our customers
  • Solid excel skills (you should be very comfortable with lookups, sumifs and pivot tables)
  • A ‘startup’ mentality – things get done because we make them happen
  • It would be unlikely that a candidate who is not an avid skier would fit the profile

Perks include Faction product, an expectation to use that product on the mountains, and one of the nicest offices in the region.


We believe that people are demanding more from their products - their skis, their clothes, everything they use.  Not just marketing guff - quality craftsmanship, heart and soul we can relate to.  And sharing it all with friends.

From a few skis in a run of 190 pairs back then, today our skis, jackets and films have won over 100 awards and more importantly we are shipping 24,000 skis in 2017-18 for riders in 35 countries.  

Online, we work with personalities, with great stories and in doing so we hope to inspire everyone to get out and ride. We are obsessed with progression, making our products better each year, and so we invest in giving the best to our fans and retail partners.

As a result, our sales have grown an average of over 50% over the past five years.  We believe that buyers' appetite for quality continues to grow and are working to earn that kind of growth rate for years to come.  

We bring a commitment to growing our team both professionally and personally, as well.  For those of us creating this little company with ambitions to excite fans everywhere, it's a dream job.  It's also intense, with long hours on the road, in the workshop, online and on-snow.  We operate with an ethos of trust, being different, taking responsibility, and we respect the Collective. 

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