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What kind of tourer are you?

    BC Team Touring

    Touring is well and truly on the up this season. It’s an incredible way to explore the mountains, breathe fresh air with your buddies and get off the beaten track. With all the options out there, it can be hard to know which gear is right for you. Whatever style of skier you are, we have you covered.



    DICTATOR 4.0

    The Dictator 4.0 is built to negotiate sharky terrain on steep slopes and send gargantuan airs into bottomless powder, making it the ski of choice for fearless freeride skier Sam Anthamatten. If you're touring for 2 hours or less to access big mountain lines, this could be the setup for you.

    You'll love this ski if: You want to go fast; You want to blast through any and all snow conditions and hit cliffs; You are skiing a mountain that has all variety of terrain and conditions; You want to float above the pow so you can go even faster.

    Sam Anthamatten Big Mountain Touring


    PRODIGY 4.0

    This ski is made for the pow. Incredibly playful by nature, the Prodigy 4.0 effortlessly butters and smears; stomps big airs; and nimbly dances through pow-laden forests. Take this ski out after a big storm and bounce through pillow fields off the beaten track.

    You'll love this ski if: You want something playful in all conditions; You like to slarve and slash; You like to occasionally land and ski backwards; You are always on the hunt for pow.

    Duncan Adams Backcountry Touring


    AGENT 3.0X

    Featured in our latest film release Zermatt to Verbier, the Agent 3.0X is perfect for those multi-day backcountry tours. From your local mountain hut to the infamous Patrouille, the Agent 3.0X is easy on the uphill, and equally capable in the deepest snow, springtime corn or mid-winter hardpack.

    You'll love this ski if: You want to go fast; You want to easily blast through any and all snow conditions; You are skiing a mountain that has all variety of terrain and frequently changing snow conditions; You want a super stable ski.

    Elisabeth Gerritzen Freeride Tourer


    CT 3.0 & 5.0

    The CT 3.0 and CT 5.0 are lightweight for their width, making them great powder touring skis. They’re aimed at skiers who want a playful and surfy ski for all conditions but especially powder. Candide works closely with our design team to make sure everything comes out exactly the way he likes it.

    You'll love the CT 3.0 if: You want something light and nimble that is easy to spin and wash out; You want a versatile ski that can do everything well including climb; You want to be able to go backwards or land switch; You're attracted to the CT 5.0 but want something lighter and quicker from edge to edge.

    You’ll love the CT 5.0 if: You want skis that float; You want a fat ski that turns a dime and is super playful; You want to ski like Candide; You want a ski with a lighter construction to reduce swing weight.


    The backcountry is a beautiful but potentially dangerous place.
    Always take care when heading into the backcountry or away from controlled ski areas:

    - Take a certified avalanche & backcountry training course -
    - Check the day's snow & avalanche report -
    - Bring proper safety equipment. Know how to use it -
    - Where possible, hire a guide -

    Wherever the skin track takes you this winter, we hope you enjoy every step, every turn and stay safe.


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