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Rough Cut: Verbier

    At Faction, there’s nothing more special than getting the whole team together at our backyard in Verbier to see the season out in style. With the snow turning slushier and our hand-built jumps in place, the stage was set for the team to throw down together one more time before the sun set on another memorable year. Verbier: Rough Cut is an uncut look at all the work, attempts and good times that went into filming the closing segment to THIS IS HOME.

    Starring: Duncan Adams, Adam Delorme, Alex Hall, Tim McChesney, Antti Ollila, Eirik Sæterøy, Pablo Schweizer, Henry Sildaru, Kelly Sildaru

    Shot on Location: Verbier, Switzerland

    Edited By: Etienne Mérel

    Filmed By: Etienne Mérel, Martin Bernard, Bluemax Media


    Copyright (c) The Faction Collective SA

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