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    "A summer project that came out of nowhere during my trip to America - Good 'Ol Ski Edit has been filmed by many people with lots of different cameras with different settings, and it's all about skiing and a good vibes, like it was with ski edits back in the days. This is somewhat of tribute to the times, when people were shredding together and filming each other, hustling with the shots afterwards to make something out of it. This has been sure a bit of a hustle.. But it was all worth it and I hope you guys will enjoy it..and most importantly..that it'll make you want to do out there and shred!!!

    I would like to thank everyone, who helped to make this happen. Special shoutout to Jason Arens from Windells Camps and Anna Puotka from Snowpark Zermatt for massive help. To Windells film and photo crew Mark Cola, Gucci Logan and Jacob Dubé for the sick cover photo. Nico from Swiss for helping out filming the Zermatt part.. To Šimon Bartík for being the best homie on our USA adVANture. And shoutout to all the homies and people I've met on the way! It was unforgettable summer".


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