Fan & Partner Support (FPS) Manager

As FPS Lead you ensure Faction exceeds our fans’ and retail partners’ expectations. You are a proactive and positive problem-solver, and are determined to deliver the best customer experience across B2B and D2C channels. 

You have almost certainly worked in a sports retail store selling skis, hardgoods and apparel, and have a balance of organisational skills and enjoy working with people and making them happy.

You develop and maintain relationships and are a central and reliable point of contact for retailers and consumers.  On the front line of communications, you learn about our customer needs and expectations, and update relevant internal stakeholders. 

You optimise and implement systems and processes and hold regular training sessions with your team to ensure everyone is up to speed and self-sufficient.  You are as fluent with statistics, KPIs and invoices as you are with satisfied customers.

You are also up on technology and happy to identify the best channels for communications across standard means as well as social media and ensuring all correspondence is documented and tracked. You work closely with our Global E-Commerce and FPS Manager to automate as many processes as possible.

Your key responsibilities include:


  • Order Book Management – you take over from our regional Sales Managers once an order has been placed and manage all correspondence from order confirmation to receipt of delivery and product feedback
  • Act as a central point of contact for inbound queries and ensue all sales support communications are relayed to your stores in a timely manner.
  • Follow up with all stores to ensure we are maximizing sales opportunities, activating re-orders and clearance opportunities


  • Respond to inbound consumer queries in a timely manner, and help our fans to choose the correct product or identify a suitable retailer
  • Find solutions for any product issues and process warranties and returns
  • Organise consumer demos in Europe and make sure they are run awesomely, (eventually stretching outside of Europe)
  • Lead in the collection of useful data at demos from both a marketing and product point of view. Improve the demo experience (for Fans and Partners) by harnessing the data.

Product Delivery

  • Keep a close check on our warehouse dispatch schedule and ensure orders are packed, picked and dispatched on time
  • Review delivery performance and be proactive to resolve any delays or issues once products are out on the road

The role will be based in either our Swiss or UK office.


  • Proactive with a positive attitude
  • Shop floor experience selling skis is a major advantage
  • French and English speaking – German is a plus!
  • Experience in Sales Support
  • Excellent attention to detail
  • Strong communicator
  • Natural problem-solver
  • Fluent in Excel


We believe that people are demanding more from their products - their skis, their clothes, everything they use.  Not just marketing guff - quality craftsmanship, heart and soul we can relate to.  And sharing it all with friends.

From a few skis in a run of 190 pairs back then, today our skis, jackets and films have won over 100 awards and more importantly we are shipping 24,000 skis in 2017-18 for riders in 35 countries.  

Online, we work with personalities, with great stories and in doing so we hope to inspire everyone to get out and ride. We are obsessed with progression, making our products better each year, and so we invest in giving the best to our fans and retail partners.

As a result, our sales have grown an average of over 50% over the past five years.  We believe that buyers' appetite for quality continues to grow and are working to earn that kind of growth rate for years to come.  

We bring a commitment to growing our team both professionally and personally, as well.  For those of us creating this little company with ambitions to excite fans everywhere, it's a dream job.  It's also intense, with long hours on the road, in the workshop, online and on-snow.  We operate with an ethos of trust, being different, taking responsibility, and we respect the Collective. 

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